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(Greeter / Morale Officer)

Your position: Greeter and Therapy Dog

Years in the communication industry: I’m a lifer.

When did you join Access: 2016

What do you love most about the communications industry? It’s bark is worse than it’s bite!

Briefly describe our culture at Access: Friendly, everyone seems to enjoy providing me with treats. Everyone is equal here (although I’m the only one that gets to go for walks on a daily basis and I have my own water fountain. So I guess that I am the special one!).

What are your skills? I have a calming presence around my co-workers. I can behave menacingly while maintaining an adorable appearance. I’m a great babysitter to children under 5. I let everyone know when a customer walks in the door. I talk to get a jerky treat. I love to greet everyone!

This is what our customers appreciate about Barkley: A good lick on the cheek. Once they get past my initial gruff demeanor, they see me as a cute and fuzzy puppy. I’m always here to greet people at the door with a welcome woof (or bark).

Barkley brings these qualities to the workplace: I warn others when strangers come to the door. I’m cute and fuzzy. Nobody goes unnoticed. I am a hard worker and I’m always here to protect everyone at the office. I relieve stress. I’m loyal and friendly (once you get to know me).

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