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Ryan Cullison

(VoIP / IT Technician)

Your position: VoIP / IT Technician

Years in the communications industry: 3

When did you join Access: 2015

What do you love most about the communications industry? There’s always something to learn and it’s not boring or mundane.

Briefly describe our culture at Access: Friendly and not overly rigid. I can get a cup of coffee or go to the bathroom without an authority figure questioning what I’m doing or making me feel like I need to rush.

What are your skills? ShoreTel

This is what our customers appreciate about Ryan: Quick at finding a resolution, tenacious about finding an answer, smart, kind, helpful, professional, friendly, great work ethic, stays calm and on course under challenging situations.

Ryan brings these qualities to the workplace: Hard worker, team player, fun to be around, honest, kind hearted, and a genius.

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